Who We Are

Schola Coffee exists to serve our community through coffee, creation and passion. We want nothing more than to give back and see the students and families of our community grow and flourish together. Our coffee is 100% organic and locally roasted by Cafe Virtuoso located at Barrio Logan in Downtown San Diego. Our cold brew has been carefully crafted over two years of trial and error to produce – what we believe – is our best product.

Creation and passion are very important to us. We believe it’s our responsibility to continue to create and find what we’re passionate about in order to serve and be our best selves. For us, our passion is serving people. If we can provide just one person a simple cup of coffee, it’s one less thing that individual has to worry about, thus, giving them the ability to learn, grow and spend their energy on the things they love.

The Team

Peter Abigania
Chief Caffeine & Comestible Curator

Mahra Lamorena
Project Specialist

Chris Lamorena
Stewardship Operations

The Vision

Currently we don’t have a place yet to call home, but each team member has described what they see at the future Schola Coffee shop.

“It’s my hope that through Schola Coffee we will be able to bring this atmosphere of the eclectic, the art, fancy coffees in tiny little cups to people who can’t necessarily go on a regular basis.”
– P. Abigania

“For now, we don’t have a place, we have dreams of where it could be. We see open buildings and imagine it being there. We envision to be in our home area, in our neighborhood and we just want it to be this open space where everyone feels welcome. Whether you’re there to study, plan an event, meet new people, or you just need a desk to do art and whatever you might need. We just want to create this comfortable space for those people, you know, where anyone can interact. You never know who you might meet as they may be the next person that will help you open your business.”
– M. Lamorena

I would see a creative space where people can come and not just walk out with a cup of coffee, but come out encouraged, motivated to bring out their passions that they have. Its not just your ordinary coffee shop, where you only have people studying or doing their work or whatever, its more of a place where someone can come and get motivated and encouraged.”
– C. Lamorena

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